Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run is a fun SensorCore experience designed for Microsoft, to gamify fitness, get you moving and keep you motivated. Gramafilm asked us to create an illustrative world with rabbits that would move in time with the user, walking when the user walks and running when they run.

I created a series of day and night layered parallax backgrounds to add movement within the app, and designed a set of six unique characters with varying states of fitness, in a way that allowed their limbs to be animated easily. I also illustrated a range of accessories that could be purchased using 'carrot currency' which was earned by the user walking or running.

Gramafilm also wanted to include a micro-game within the app, so I came up with a number of possible concepts. We designed a simple game where the rabbit had to reach the carrot while avoiding the foxes. To play the micro-game, the user needed to pay with carrots, which also encouraged users to move more.

Run Rabbit Run was very successful from launch, getting into Gizmodos top apps within a couple of days as well as WPCentral and NokNok.

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